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Caught in the crossfire of a war between the Nepturanias and Saturoons over the colonisation of Titan, you, an eight-limbed mollusc of the order Octopoda, are a neutral party chef cooking for anyone willing to pay for the sustenance provided by your travelling foodhouse. 

Get paid, get your ship fixed and get out!

This game uses a combination of assets the designers and artists made together for a student project.

This project was created as part of a second year university brief at the University of South Wales, in association with Tiny Rebel Games. The module brief was "Hungry for War". Teams had to make games that were 10 -15 minutes long, took place in one room, had food based mechanics and a story about war.

Development Team  

2D Artist - Ula Vosyliute, Viktor Hristov, Dyfan Thomas-Unsworth
Modelling - Viktor Hristov, Dyfan Thomas-Unsworth, Ula Vosyliute, Catherine Devenport
Programming - Dyfan Thomas-Unsworth, Zander Walls, Aubrey Swivel
Sound - Dyfan Thomas-Unsworth
Environmental Design - Catherine Devenport, Viktor Hristov

With special thanks to Susan Cummings & Lee Cummings at Tiny Rebel Games. 

Find out more about the University of South Wales Games' courses at http://southwales.ac.uk/games and http://www.twitter.com/uswgames 


ConflictingTastes.zip 590 MB