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The player wakes up trapped inside the limited confines of a broken down tank behind enemy lines. The  player must explore their surroundings, in hope of rescue.  

Their only connection to the outside world is a one way radio issuing  instruction and the periscope overlooking a war torn city. Can you survive? or is your fate already decided.

Using VR controls you can explore your surroundings which is a replica of a Sherman tank, you can pick up objects, teleport between the commander's and driver's positions. Immerse yourself in this small world and see the last moments of a young soldiers life through the narrative events both inside the tanks and through the periscope looking out onto a war torn city street.

This project was created as part of a second year university brief at the University of South Wales, in association with Tiny Rebel Games. The module brief was "We're Sorry to Inform You That It's The End of The World". Teams had to make games that were 10 minutes long, took place in one room, and ended with an apocalypse.

Development Team

Sebastian Gallop -  Lead Game Designer & Programmer
Christopher Williams - Lead Artist & Lead 3D Artist
Bill Blanchard - Game Designer - Assistant Programmer & Narrative Writer  
Kyle Fowler – Exterior Level Designer- Assistant Programmer- Game Designer
Ryan Gladman – Interior Level Design- 3D Artist- Game Designer
Ethan Davies - Assistant Artist
Charlotte Hill - Artist
Laura Dobre- Script Narrative Writer
Thejus Kayanadath- Graphic Artist
Caitlin Emerson- Graphic Artist 

With special thanks to Susan Cummings & Lee Cummings at Tiny Rebel Games. 

Find out more about the University of South Wales Games' courses at http://southwales.ac.uk/games and http://www.twitter.com/uswgames 


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