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Don't Press That Button is a short intense VR game where the player is tasked with not pressing a button. Avoid the nuclear armageddon by pressing some buttons but not the big red one!?! Don't worry it is intrinsically confusing! 

This project was created as part of a second year university brief at the University of South Wales, in association with Tiny Rebel Games. The module brief was "We're Sorry to Inform You That It's The End of The World". Teams had to make games that were 10 minutes long, took place in one room, and ended with an apocalypse.

Development Team 

Luke Weston (Lead)
Connor Byrne
Romans Simsons
Red Corder

Connor Morphew (Lead)
Emily Thomas
Neofytos Chimonas

Phillip Brewer

Voice Actor:
Michael Charles

With special thanks to Susan Cummings & Lee Cummings at Tiny Rebel Games. 

Find out more about the University of South Wales Games' courses at http://southwales.ac.uk/games and http://www.twitter.com/uswgames


DPTB.zip 355 MB