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"Wake" is a unique virtual reality experience in which the player is given control of a fully functional wheelchair. Through the use of motion controllers, players can grab and rotate the wheels to go forwards, backwards, or turn, just as they would be able to in reality.

"Wake" takes place in a cabin on an unknown shore, minutes before an asteroid is set to collide with the ocean and spawn tidal waves that will end life as we know it. It is up to the player to decide how to spend their last moments. Through exploring and interacting with objects in the room, players can discover memories that hint at how their avatar came to be in this situation. A radio broadcasts gives glimpses at what is occurring in the wider world.

This project was created as part of a second year university brief at the University of South Wales, in association with Tiny Rebel Games. The module brief was "We're Sorry to Inform You That It's The End of The World". Teams had to make games that were 10 minutes long, took place in one room, and ended with an apocalypse.

Development Team 

Lead Developer/Designer : Oliver Jackson
Lead Artist : Kristyna Duharova
Developer/Designer : Jobie Rofle
Developer/Designer : Reece Cobb
Artist : Soma Wheelhouse
Artist : Michael Horler
Written By : Rebecca Betton
Music By : Elora Smith and Josh Hopkins
Addition Sound Effects By : Jack Morgan
Addition Voice Work By : Steve Johnson
Additional Voice Work By : Tom Bruce

With special thanks to Susan Cummings & Lee Cummings at Tiny Rebel Games. 

Find out more about the University of South Wales Games' courses at http://southwales.ac.uk/games and http://www.twitter.com/uswgames


Wake Executeable.zip 274 MB